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First of all a big THANK YOU to all the members of the ESC who have supported the club throughout the pandemic since March 2020.  And a welcome to any new members who have joined in the last 18 months.  The Edmonton Squash Board of Directors has been working hard to keep the club open and functioning during this challenging time. 

The following short survey will help us understand the membership’s response to the latest covid-19 challenges.  Since the club is allowed to stay open during this fourth wave we are facing a new question about how to facilitate the club’s use by a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated members. It is our mission to keep the club open, safe and functioning as well as possible.  To that end, we ask that all members please answer these few questions to help us set our current direction.

The data from this survey will be anonymized and no names will be able to be connected to any responses given.  The data will only be used as “group data”.  We will leave this survey open until Friday, September 17th. Thank you for your input.

5 thoughts on “COVID-19 Survey”

  1. Unfortunately, this is a real challenge for the club ( all or non situation with juniors under 12..?.) Individual players disclosing vaccine statues may create issues for players that goes beyond squash …not the point for a “friendly” and beer … but the issue has been pushed on to the individual and individual business…not fair (it’s called provincial goverance) with these options…I prefer club vac policy

  2. Over the last 2 years, we have had a mixing of members to various degrees, from zero to unlimited. Our case count has been zero or close to zero. And, as has been stated before, vaccinated and unvaccinated can be both infected and infectious – some age groups the unvaccinated appear at greater risk of infection, while in other age groups data from Israel and Great Britain indicate that the vaccinated are more at risk.
    This is a flu folks, stay at home if you are not feeling well, be sensible, take care of yourselves and be safe.

  3. Life is about managing risk. I want to know the vaccination status of others such that I can make an informed decision about putting myself on the squash court with them.

  4. Can we disable comments? I don’t want our club disseminating false information.

    Please support our health care workers and get vaccinated.


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