Off-Peak Membership

Edmonton Squash Club Off-Peak Membership

Who is an ESC Off-Peak Membership best for?

Our off-peak membership is meant for players with a more flexible schedule who do not often play during prime time, don’t play ESL and don’t need regular ball-machine access.

What is prime-time?

During the week, prime time is 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM. On weekends, prime-time is 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM.

**Important Note** any member  who does not have booking privileges during prime-time, is not  permitted to play on the singles courts during prime-time without paying a drop-in fee. If staff finds an off-peak player using courts during prime-time, they will be informed of this as a warning, and then charged a drop-in fee for subsequent uses without notice. Repeated use of the courts during prime-time without informing the front desk and pro-actively paying a drop-in fee may result in further sanctions. Any aggressive behaviour towards the front desk in regards to this policy will almost certainly result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the club.

What club benefits do you get?

-Fob Access 5 AM - Midnight
-Fitness Equipment Access 365 days of the year
-Steam Room
-Sweat Towels & Shower Towels
-Footworker access
-Doubles Court Booking Privileges
-Doubles Drop-ins
-Reduced Guest Fees ($15 + GST for doubles or off-peak singles, $20 for peak hours)
-PlaySight camera access
-Off-Peak Singles Court Booking Privileges
-Unlimited Singles Drop-ins
-Complimentary Family Jr memberships for all U16 household children

What are your booking privileges?

Online Booking is available by logging into Jegysoft from our “Book A Court” button. Bookings can also be made by emailing the front desk at

Off-Peak members can book courts up to 1 week in advance.

Off-Peak members can book one court/day every day of the month.

Courts during non-prime time can be booked with one member name + either the Solo Court Booking profile or leaving it as an Open Booking.

Courts during prime time require 2 names and a drop-in fee of $20 + GST/person.

Booking can be cancelled online 4 hours in advance. Within 4 hours of the court time, courts can only be cancelled by emailing Cancellations by phone cannot be guaranteed as our staffing levels are not sufficient to ensure that phone calls will be answered or returned in a timely manner. Chronic last hour cancellation of courts may result in restriction of booking privileges at the sole discretion of ESC management.

What is the cost?

An Off-Peak membership costs $55/month with a registration fee of $89 (which includes a free one-on-one squash lesson) and a $15 Fob refundable deposit fee. These prices do not include GST, so your first bill will be for $89 registration fee +$55 monthly fee + $15 Fob Fee + 5% GST= $166.95.

Annual Off-Peak memberships are available at $605 + GST annually.

How do you register?

Just send us an email at, call us at 780-306-2395 or come and visit us during staff hours, and we will get you all set up. Make sure you let us know which membership type you're interested in so we can get you started.


Where is the Basic Membership?

The basic membership is no longer for sale. For grandfathered members, the rules and privileges can be found here.

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