Doubles Squash

The Edmonton Squash Club has a North American Doubles Squash Court with a 24' ceiling.


The initial rationale for installing the doubles court vs a fifth singles court was that it was a great transition game for older members whose knees could no longer take the stress of multiple singles matches in a week. However, it has turned out to be a fun game for players of all ages and incorporates a social element that is not always present in the singles game.

North American Doubles courts are significantly longer and wider than International singles squash courts. The is distinctive from International doubles which is played on a wider court than the singles game.

The official North American Doubles rules can be found here

2019/2020 Doubles Ladder

Here's all the info on the 2019-2020 ESC Doubles Ladder. Play can officially start as early as September 1.  So far we have 27 teams confirmed for either Sept 1, Oct 1 or Nov 1 starts, and I'm sure this will grow as more people find out about it. If you are starting Oct or Nov then this will be indicated by your team in the ladder, and you will be inactive during September. Please note that teams that start in September will be able to jump over inactive teams if they win challenges against higher teams - thereby forcing inactive teams further down the ladder.

The link to the Google doc (further below in this email) has all the info you require. Please note that here is ONLY one google doc, but the document itself has numerous tabs/worksheets.

1. Ladder Contact List - You can make changes to this sheet if you need to update your contact info and comments. Everyone in the ladder will have access to this info so that they can easily contact you & your partner to set up matches. Please update this info if it has changed since last season.

2. Ladder - the list of teams and what rung they are on the ladder. This is for viewing only. Please do not make any changes to this worksheet. The committee will move teams up and down the ladder (on the google docs) as matches are recorded on the court booking sheets. Each winning team is responsible for moving their magnet on the ladder board behind the doubles court. The ladder positions on the google doc will be used if there are any discrepancies. Please keep referring to the rung challenge info (on the google docs) to see how many rungs you can challenge to. This will be constantly changing, so always refer to it before organising your matches.

3. Court Booking Sheets - courts have been blocked off on Mondays from 5:30-8:30pm (3 hrs) Thursdays from 4:30-6:30pm (2 hrs), plus Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-3pm (3 hrs each day). There are 4 worksheets (1 for each week in September), so please make your court bookings on these worksheets if you are going to be using these specific times. You won't need to write anything, just Click on each cell to get a drop-down menu. The court times are 1hr long. You will also record your results on these sheets (again click on the cell next to the winning team, to get the drop-down menu and select the relevant match score). If you play outside of the “blocked” timeslots then please record your team name, opponent’s names and results in the “Other Matches” section (pink) on the respective week.

4. Data - Please do not make any changes to the data worksheet. This worksheet is for admin purposes only, as the data listed here is linked to the drop-down lists on the court booking sheets.


5. Ladder Rules. All the ladder rules are also listed on a separate worksheet titled “Ladder Rules”. Please read and refer to the rules, and if for some reason I haven't covered a situation then please feel free to contact me for a solution.

6. Looking for a partner? Please let Aya and me know if you are looking for a 2ndpartner or a mixed partner.

It is your responsibility to book your own matches with other teams.

A reminder that if you don't get a minimum of 2 matches played and recorded by the 28th day of each month, then you "lose" your $10 bucks (each), and you will need to cough up $10 more bucks (each) the next month you play. I know that I was lenient on everyone last season, but I will definitely apply this rule this coming season.

If you play outside of the “blocked” timeslots then please record your team name, opponent’s names and results in the “Other Matches” section (pink) on the respective week.

Thank you all so much for playing. I truly hope that you all get some fun, competitive doubles matches throughout the season. Please be sure to talk it up with other players, so that we can get more people playing doubles at the ESC.

Here is the link to the Google docs file of the spreadsheet.
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