Doubles Squash

The Edmonton Squash Club has a North American Doubles Squash Court with a 24' ceiling.


The initial rationale for installing the doubles court vs a fifth singles court was that it was a great transition game for older members whose knees could no longer take the stress of multiple singles matches in a week. However, it has turned out to be a fun game for players of all ages and incorporates a social element that is not always present in the singles game.

North American Doubles courts are significantly longer and wider than International singles squash courts. The is distinctive from International doubles which is played on a wider court than the singles game.

The official North American Doubles rules can be found here

2019/2020 Doubles Ladder

We currently run a continuous Doubles ladder through club locker. The cost is $10/month. (If you are able to get 2 matches completed within the month we will waive the $10 charge.) This league is for Members only. For signup please email

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