Intro to Video Review – Using PlaySight and Squashskills to improve your game

We have limited spots (about 1/week) available for 1-on-1 and small group sessions to learn how to use the PlaySight video review system to review your game. The sessions are provided free to any member or trial-member of the Edmonton Squash Club.

Sessions include:

  1. A discussion of common technical flaws that are correctible with video review
  2. An introduction to the PlaySight video review system
  3. An on-court session tailored to the participants skill level
  4. Session review using the desktop PlaySight station
  5. Comparison and suggestions for improvement using videos as a reference

The session is run by Sean Peacock who coordinated the install of the PlaySight system when then club was opened.

PlaySight Course

Request for a PlaySight Instructional Session

  • Suggested times your are available (preferably during off peak times)

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