Fall 2019 Beginner/Intermediate Junior Squash Program

We are happy to announce a new Junior program for beginner-intermediate level squashers. Led by NCCP level 3 certified coach Jeff Williams, we will be adopting a model used successfully by minor hockey and soccer and supplementing professional coaching with volunteer parent coaches. This will help ensure that all the juniors receive as much 1-on-1 feedback and training as possible to make sure no one is left behind, which is especially important in squash where it’s difficult to have more that one junior actively being fed balls by a pro at a time.

The junior program will start on Sunday, September 29th with an introductory session with Jeff Williams with the parents, and a fun play session for the juniors. The program will then run every Sunday through until mid-December except for Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day weekends.

Although the costs have not yet been finalized, we are trying to keep them as low as possible, likely in the $125-$150 range for the fall, with $90 being refunded to any parent that can volunteer either as an assistant coach or assistant manager.

To register, simply fill in the form below and someone from the club will get back to you.

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