ESC Member Results at the 2019 Alberta Closed and University of Alberta Open

There were a couple more tournaments these past two weeks in Edmonton, and as always there were some ESC members in the thick of things.

University of Alberta Open

Top ESC finishes from the 2019 UofA Open included:

Men’s Open Runner-Up: Abdel El Nady

Men’s Open 4th Place: Clarke Wiebe

Men’s A Champion: Brad Salter

Men’s A Runner Up: Isaac El-Hayek

Women’s B Champion: Su Chun

Women’s B 3rd Place: Mogan Snyder

Women’s B 4th Place: Chelsea Ludwig

Men’s C 3rd Place: Talha Sajjad

Men’s D Champion: Jon Rector

Men’s D 3rd Place: Brett Cooper

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Thank you to Chelsea Ludwig for the photos!

2019 Alberta Closed

Top ESC finishes from the 2019 Alberta Closed included:

Men’s Open: Runner-Up: Ibrahim Elserafy

Men’s Open 4th Place: Jeff Williams

Women’s Open Runner-Up: Julie Multamaki

Men’s A Runner-Up: Greg MacPhail

Men’s A 4th Place: Nadr Jomha

Men’s B Runner-Up: Mike Wordell

Men’s B 3rd Place: Travis Chapman

Men’s B 4th Place: Isaac El Hayek

Men’s C 3rd Place: Talha Sajjad

Men’s C 4th Place: Ross Vickery

Women’s C 3rd Place: Romina Rodriguez

Men’s D 4th Place: Kevin Smiley

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