Doubles Ladder Wrap Up Party

Laughs, camaraderie and great team squash!

Thirty-six adventurous & fun-loving doubles ladder players descended on the doubles court last Saturday for ESC’s first ever 1-day (free) mini-doubles squash tournament to celebrate the end of the inaugural doubles ladder season. The event was only open to doubles ladder participants and was generously sponsored by Pat Binns from Abinsi, and the ESC.

The three team captains (Akiyah, Brooke & Julie) each drafted twelve players onto their team. The pairings and the orders of play for each match partnerships had been done without the knowledge of the players and the other captains. Trying their best to outsmart each other with their team partnerships each round, it was purely a “crapshoot” who your captain partnered you with and also who you played against each match. Every player received the same amount of playing time on court trying to get as many points as they could for their team.

Breakfast, lunch and hot snacks were provided throughout the day, as well as each player receiving 2 beverage tickets. It was 6 hours of frantic play, loud cheering and of course there was also the mandatory eating and hydration in between.

Final Results:

1st place: Sweet Tarts & Old Farts (Brooke) – 13.5 match points – 395 total game points

2nd place: Murder of Crows (Akiyah) – 12 match points – 382 total game points

3rd place: Will Lose For Booze (Julie) – 10.5 match points – 351 total game points

Can’t wait for the next one!

If you want to be a part of the fun, play doubles squash!

Grab a partner and signup (by Sunday) for the April & May Doubles Ladder. If you don’t have a partner, please contact Julie and she will try to find you someone.

Participants must be an ESC member. Ladder cost $10/per person.

The ESC doubles ladder will be on hiatus from June-September and will start up again October 1, 2019. Keep an eye on our Club Calendar for details in September.

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