Edmonton Squash Club Opening February 20 for Solo-Hitting, Same Household Practice & Coached Lessons

We are happy to announce we will be re-opening for same household training and solo training on Saturday, February 20, 2021. We can re-open to open with approval from Squash Alberta and the Government of Alberta under strict conditions and reassure that our club, members, and staff will follow the protocols put forward by Squash Alberta.  

These protocols include. 

  1. Solo practice/training, same household practice/training, and one on one lessons with a coach are the only things allowed. 
  2. No drop-ins, all solo practice, same household practice, and lessons will be booked in advance. All clubs will follow sanitation, masking, and distancing protocols. These include: 
    1. Courts being sanitized between uses. 
    2. All players are masked unless on court. 
    3. Two meters distancing off court 
  3. All members will be required to sign a Covid-19 Symptom-free declaration on each visit.  
  4. No social gathering is allowed within the club or courtside. We will only be selling non-alcoholic beverages, and the lounge area will be off-limits. 
  5. Locker rooms and showers are available, only one person per room at a time. 
  6. Once your booking is done, you must either leave or use the locker room. We will have a strict ‘train and leave’ protocols. 
  7. Our gym will be closed until the Government of Alberta re-opens gym facilities. 

We will also be extending the 4 Lesson Packages for $150. This will allow you to purchase 4 Lessons with either Jeff, Julie, or John. 

With all of that said, our hours will be as follows 

  • Monday to Friday, 10 am – 9 pm, last booking at 8 pm 
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm, last booking at 4 pm 

The system will be opened up and available to book starting 7 am on Saturday morning. We would also like to alert members that because of Covid-19 protocols and staffing issues, there could potentially be times the club will have to close temporarily. While we are doing everything that we can to avoid these situations, there may still arise and we ask for you understanding and cooperation.  

We will also be allowing members to book starting between 6 am, and 10 am on weekdays, but this is by reservation only. These bookings can be booked by contacting Nic at admin@edmontonsquashclub.ca

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email Nic at admin@edmontonsquashclub.ca

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