Women’s Squash Ladder

We’re starting a Women’s Squash Ladder this year!

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/zYzSE3uRFxvY76Ub9


  • Players are listed as if on the rungs of a ladder. Players move up the ladder by winning a match with another player placed at a higher rung. 
  • The purpose of the ESC Women’s Squash Ladder is to socialize with other women players. This is not a competitive program and winning does not mean anything other than moving up the ladder to play different players. 


  • You can challenge a player up to 5 rungs/positions on the ladder. If you are the lower placed player and win the match, you will be placed right above the other player. 
  • Each game is pars to 15, and matches are best of 3 games. (You can play parts to 11, best of 5 games if both players agree, giving that the match will end within the 30-minute time slot.)
  • The ladder will be updated weekly. (LINK)


  • Two courts will be booked on Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm for ladder play, provided that there are no other events happening at the club. Court times are 30 minutes time slots. Matches are expected to be played within this time frame.
  • Once you arrange a match with another player, book your slot by accessing the online spreadsheet and select the names of the two players from the dropdown menus. (LINK
  • You can play more than one match with a different opponent on a same day. 
  • After each match, the winners are responsible for entering their name as the winner from the dropdown menus. 
  • Unused court times will be released to the ESC membership for general booking 2 days prior. 
  • If both players want to play outside the listed court booking times, then they are solely responsible for booking their own courts via the ESC booking system. 


  • Every player must be a member of the ESC (including the ladder only membership). 
  • The cost to join the ladder is $5. This will be charged to participants’ accounts. There are no refunds once you sign up. 
  • In order the keep your $5“safe” you must play a minimum of 1 match by the last Saturday of each month, and the results have to be loaded in the results section. 
  • If you fail to play a match in a month, then it will cost you another $5 to join the ladder the next month (or next time you decide to play).
  • All monies collected will be placed in the “fund” to be used to host a function for women’s event at the end of the squash season (March 2020). 


  • New players can be added into the ladder each month. They must register prior to the last Saturday of each month. 
  • All new players will be placed underneath the lowest finishing player from the previous month. 


  • If you are going to be unavailable for an extended time and want to miss a month or two, then please contact (ME) before the last Saturday of the previous month. Provided that you have played the minimum 1 match the prior month, then it will not cost you again to rejoin. 
  • If a player is inactive for a month, she does not count as a rung on the ladder for challenge purposes, and other players may be placed above her. 
  • When you want back on the ladder after being inactive, please let me know by the last Saturday of each month to be active again. 



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