Summer Tuesday Drop-in Mini-Tournaments

Update July 31st – Due to high demand, we would like to have people sign up for drop-in so we can keep the total numbers to around 32 participants and prepare the brackets in advance. Just fill in your name and your preferred box below.

Update July 25th – Drop-in Tournament Tuesdays will now start at 6:45 PM to allow for more time to finish the event.

Summer league has wrapped up and now we are moving into what are traditionally the quietest months in Squash. For those who are around though, we are going to be running a new drop-in format: Mini-Tournaments!. The first session will be this Tuesday the 17th at 7:30 PM.

Everyone that wants to take part must arrive by 7:30, or let us know that you will be attending ahead of time if you are going to be a bit late. We will be dividing people into groups of 3-5 people according to skill level to play a best-of-three round-robin format. Everyone will get to play at least 3 games. All the matches will be recorded into the SportyHQ rankings system, so it’s a great way to move up in the club standings!

We expect that everyone will be able to get their three games in by 9:30, and will have semi-finals/finals/consolation games for those that wish to keep playing until closing.

The Drop-in mini-tournament is free for all our members and open to non-members with the usual guest fee.


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