ESC Squash Membership Pricing for the 2019/2020 season

The Board has reviewed financial information from the 2018/2019 season and will be making some fee adjustments for the 2019/2020 season. They are as follows:

1) Premium Memberships will be $109/month, or $99/month for those who want to pay for an annual membership in a single installment in October (Total cost is $1,188 due either October 1st or October 15th depending on you billing date).

2) Off-Peak Membership will be $55/month

3) Junior Squash Memberships will be $49/month

4) Interclub Team Fees will be reduced to $1,200/team due in a single installment by October 15th.

All-in, monthly costs for someone playing interclub on a 6 member team should be approximately the same as during the 2017/2018 season.

The main reasons for the fee increases are twofold:

1) Our rent will be increasing this year, and we need to update our fees to reflect this.

2) Our fee reduction last year was meant to be offset by new revenue brought in by our off-peak membership, but we were unable to allocate enough resources to transition squash-curious visitors and inquiries into full time members. This is something we will continue to work on during the 2019/2020 season to try to keep everyone’s fees as low as possible into the future.

For those wondering about what your all-in costs for playing interclub will be this coming season vs last season, here is the breakdown for someone playing on a 6-person team (GST excluded) who purchases an annual membership in October:

2018/19 ESC membership:  $89 x 12 = $1,068 

2018/19 ESL team fee: $1500 /6 = $250

2018/19 Total annual cost = $1,318

2019/20 Prepaid annual membership $99 x 12 = $1,188

2019/20 Team fee: $1200/6 = $200

2019/20 Total annual cost = $1,388

The hosting packages for home games will remain for the upcoming season, and will include the following:

  • 2 game balls
  • Pitcher of beer + Popcorn!
  • Pre-game gatorades

Although many of you enjoyed the food, we received feedback that much of it was going to waste, so instead we will make sure that the popcorn machine is humming all night long and available for free.

We’re happy to field questions about these changes either by emailing the club or asking any of the board members in person. There will also be an AGM in late September to talk about these changes in an open forum.

7 thoughts on “ESC Squash Membership Pricing for the 2019/2020 season”

  1. While I think that the fees are still reasonable, can we please have this corrected to show current annual vs new annual and current monthly vs new monthly?

    $89 is the current monthly fee which is actually going to be $109. I realize that it is noted that the $99 is the annual membership but I feel like most members pay monthly.

    • Thanks for the feedback Trevor. Are you looking for a table? Also it should be mentioned that it has not yet been decided whether the annual plan will be available past October.

      • Do the prices come into effect for October of this year? (Being the 19/20 season starts late Oct?)

        Here is what I thought would be an apples to apples comparison.

        2018/19 ESC membership: $89 x 12 = $1,068
        2018/19 ESL team fee: $1500 /6 = $250
        2018/19 Total annual cost = $1,318
        2019/20 ESC membership: $109 x 12 = $1,308
        2019/20 ESL team fee: $1200 /6 = $200
        2019/20 Total annual cost = $1,508

        Increase on monthly payment plan = $15.88 ($190.56 yearly)

        2018/19 Prepaid annual membership $80.10 x 12 = $ 961.20 (Calculated $89 – 10% discount per website)
        2018/19 Team fee: $1500/6 = $250
        2018/19 Total annual cost = $1,211.20
        2019/20 Prepaid annual membership $99 x 12 = $1,188
        2019/20 Team fee: $1200/6 = $200
        2019/20 Total annual cost = $1,388

        Increase once a year payment = $176.80 ($14.73 monthly)

  2. Did the committee looked at a student rate? For membership and for ESL. I am a graduate student though, which means I am not least than 18 year’s.

    • Good point, there is still a policy for any post-secondary students under the age of 25 to Junior rates. If you have any concerns then please email the front desk and they will pass it on to the appropriate committee.


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