ESC Re-opening June 14

Fellow members and squash players, we are very glad to announce the reopening of the Edmonton Squash Club effective June 14, 2021. If I could, I would like to give each one  of you a hug for supporting the ESC during this most recent closure but mostly for sticking with us during the last 15 months. These have been very trying times. The Covid virus has affected us all in ways we could never have predicted. We at the  ESC  are ready for you  to get back to the game we all  love to play.  Court walls  have been cleaned, court floors have been washed, we’re ready!! 

Opening Guidelines

Our opening decision has been informed both by AHS and Squash Alberta guidelines. There will be no pod requirements and you will be able to play other players – no coaching requirements this time around. For further details, please see this article posted on the Squash Alberta website, last revised on June 9, 2021.

When booking a court we are asking members to please list all the  players that are going to be on court during that session. This will be for contact tracing purposes, but is also good practice in general so that we can track court utilization.

As a reminder please bring your own towel if you plan to have a shower or steam. 
We have revised the  food and beverage list, prices have been adjusted, and we have a few more  snack options available. 
We are planning big things for the summer and fall. There will be evening and daytime leagues as well as  adult and junior programs will all be  starting  in Stage 3. More details about Stage 3 re-opening will be forthcoming soon.  This will give all of our members an opportunity for some  friendly competition as well as the opportunity to meet some of our newest members. 

Stage 2 reopening plan, effective June 14, 2021

  • Masks are required in the Club, all common areas. 
  • Members only, no guests
  • Staffing from 10 am to 9 pm, M-F, Weekends 10 am- 5 pm. 
  • Booking hours are 6 am – 12 am
  • Primetime weekdays 4:30 pm-8:30 pm, weekends 10:30 am -3:30 pm
  • Time slots are 45 minutes in primetime, 60 minutes in non-primetime
  • Doubles court is open
  • Members are able to book 2 courts per day, 1 in primetime and 1 in nonprimetime
  • All courts must be booked in advance
  • Primetime members can book 2 weeks in advance, non primetime 1 week in advance
  • Both the steam room and gym are open
  • Food and beverage- last call 8:45 pm weekdays, 4:45 pm weekends, 4 per table, same household or cohort. 
  • Lessons are still available during stage 2, prices are 4 for $150 no expiry date. Great value!!!
  • Jegysoft, our courtbooking software provider is currently updating the booking system. A follow up email will be sent out when the system is available.

We are looking forward to having everyone back at the club, its been awhile. 
If you have any questions please contact me, or Nic at

2 thoughts on “ESC Re-opening June 14”

  1. Are there any changes to the club rules after July 1st?
    Are you accepting new members? Are there any incentives for new members or trial periods?
    Are guests allowed?
    Is the Friday drop-ins and women’s programs resuming?

    • Hi Aya!
      The club is fully open now, although there is still an expectation that people will wear masks when not courtside or at the tables behind the doubles court in the short term. There will be promotional programs for new players, but there are no details yet. Guests are permitted, but for the moment drop-in and women’s programs have not restarted. If you contact John or Nic, they will have more details.


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