ESC COVID-19 Expansion

Here are some updates regarding the Edmonton Squash Club Stage 2 expansion and compliance with the recently announced bylaw put in place by the City of Edmonton beginning August 1st.

City of Edmonton Bylaw Compliance

As of August 1st, masks will be required in the Club. They will not be required while you are on the court, in the weight room, or drinking in the lounge area. They are required for all other situations in the club.

Stage 2 Expansion

Our stage 2 expansion will begin August 4th 2020. With the following changes:

Long Weekend Hours: We will be open from 10am – 9pm on the Monday. We will not have any staff on that day, so please plan accordingly.

We are requiring members to continue to book courts before you come in. As we are using the court booking as our AHS Tracking. We will be continuing with the rule that you can only be on a court if you are booked on that specific court.

Hours of Operation: We will be returning to our 6am to 12am hours. Court booking times will continue to be staggered with 15 minutes between court access.

Court Booking: We will be changing the court booking system, allowing for three members to book a court at one time.

Doubles: The Doubles Court will be opened for booking. Again, you will only be able to play within your pod.

Pods: Pods will remain at 25 for the time being. Once the cities Covid-19 numbers settle down, we will be expanding this number

Upstairs Change Rooms: Showers and Lockers are open for members; towel service and the steam rooms will continue to not be available.

Coaching: Coaching is available, to all members. Coaches are required to wear a mask on the court with you.

Drop ins and Guests: We will continue to allow only members into the club.

Membership Booking Perks: We will be allowing members to book twice a day. Non-Primetime members will still only be allowed to book during Non-Primetime hours, and Premium Members will be allowed to book once in Primetime and once outside of Primetime per day. All other booking rules will apply.

Covid-19 Measures: We ask that you leave 15 minutes between entering the court, and the last player to leave. This is for the air to exchange and to minimize any possible exposure.

We would also like to mention that things the way they are currently, we will have a zero-tolerance of bending or breaking any of the club rules.

2 thoughts on “ESC COVID-19 Expansion”

  1. Now that we can expand the pods, can we get the pod list published to all club members? When deciding on merging pods, it helps to know which pod has the most suitable players for everyone in our own the pod.

    • Good question Aya – could you run it by Nic and John and if they approve we can figure out how best to do this.


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