COVID-19 ESC Interim Policy

UPDATE March 27th, 2020

An email has been sent out to the active members with updates about our closure policies. Please get in touch with if you haven’t received the email or would like to discuss it’s contents.

The Government of Alberta has declared a state of emergency, and as a result, the Edmonton Squash Club will be closed until further notice (see the PDF below for the formal announcement). For more information, please see:

The Edmonton Squash Club will be holding an emergency meeting as soon as possible (likely tonight) and communicate with ESC club members by email.

UPDATE March 16th, 2020

While we are processing information as it becomes available, the ESC is currently still open to members. We are closely following announcements from Alberta Health Services.

Although there is no specific guidance from Squash Canada regarding squash facilities, we are also monitoring announcements on US Squash and Squash England.

US Squash COVID-19 Advisory

Squash England COVID-19 Information


4 thoughts on “COVID-19 ESC Interim Policy”

  1. Has anyone considered that the ball is the common surface that is being shared? One suggestion is each player has their own ball that they only touch. Also minimizing the number of different people you play with might also reduce the transmission risks. Are drop-in events being cancelled?

    • This is true, and we would certainly advise each player to avoid touching their face and mouth. Each person serving with their own ball could be an interesting solution, although it might be hard to keep both balls warm and have a consistent bounce. We have consulted with an emergency doctor who felt that as far as exercise and socializing goes, squash is one of the safer activities due to only having 2 people involved in an enclosed but spacious area, however no activity is completely risk-free. As it turns out, it is out of our hands now, as the Government of Alberta has mandated closure of public & private gyms.

    • Nothing public yet Arun, but expect an announcement soon. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with John de Vries via the club email.


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