Club Locker Troubleshooting

As we struggle through our new club booking system, here are a few tips to help you navigate the system.

When in doubt, email the front desk

First and foremost, if you are having trouble booking what you want or can’t figure out what’s allowed, just email the front desk at We will have the staff check the account every weekday at 4 PM at the start of the shift, and throughout the evening until 10:30 PM, as well as on the weekends from 10 AM – 5 PM. You can also try calling the front desk, although sometimes it’s hard to get through on a busy night.

Booking rules for non-prime time members

When booking courts, non-prime time members are blocked from booking anything during any prime-time hours. If you want to be added to a booking during that time and pay a drop-in fee, then please contact the front desk.

How to book if you don’t have a playing partner (yet)

If you know you want to play at a certain time, but you don’t have an opponent yet, you can book and leave the second spot designated as “Open”. You can book those times up to 2 weeks in advance, but we will delete them from the system the day before the booking if the second spot has not been filled for any Prime Time slots.

During off-peak times, you can also select “Solo Practice” as the second player. Any prime-time bookings with “Solo Practice as the second player will be deleted by the front desk staff.

If the system is blocking you from booking anything

If it seems that you are unable to book anything, try to login using your browser’s private/incognito mode, or do a hard clear of your browser’s cache. On a desktop, this is generally done by pressing the control key and F5 simultaneously in windows, or command+shift+R or command+R on a Mac. On a phone the process varies, but generally it is some variation of going to your browser settings, clicking on the privacy/history option and then clearing browsing data (see here for some examples). The Club Locker programming team is working with us to figure out what is causing this problem, so if it happens to you we’d appreciate it if you sent us an email about it.

All of our members with the legacy Basic account were unable to book courts until last Friday, but should be able to now. Let us know if you are still blocked from booking courts.

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