A Call for Mission Statement Suggestions

Now in its third year, there can be little doubt the ESC has become a focus for the sport of squash in Edmonton. On any given day, you can see people of all ages enjoying the sport. The club provides a wide variety of sport-related activities including junior’s programs, women’s leagues, introduction to squash, player improvement and refereeing clinics while supporting league play and drop-ins. Recently the club has also branched out to provide sport specific fitness such as yoga for squash players.

With two years under our collective belts and with all this activity going on now is a good time to reflect on what the ESC is all about. The Board of Directors is currently looking at developing a mission statement to help ensure that the ESC continues to grow in the right direction; a direction that promotes the sport, sustains membership and promotes a sense of pride in belonging to the best sports club in the city.

The Board welcomes any thoughts you have about what should be the mission statement of the Edmonton Squash Club. Please share your thoughts either in the form of a sentence, a phrase or even words that you feel should be included in the mission statement. Please take a moment and jot down your thoughts via the form below, at the front desk or send them via e-mail to info@edmontonsquashclub.ca.



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