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As the VP of sales and marketing for GreenVOLT™ Smart Start Batteries it is amazing to me to see that lead acid batteries are used across so many industries around the world. The pain is that so many of these batteries are being discarded prior to the end of their life. With that in mind GreenVOLT™ developed our Battery Reconditioning System which brings dead lead acid batteries back to life without having to take them apart, our process is simple to operate and Eco-friendly. Car-SUV-Truck-Heavy Equipment and Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries are restored using our proprietary battery reconditioning "Green Technology"system. Our battery reconditioning system is non-hazardous, non-acidic and is Eco-friendly. We strive to maintain the highest quality standards which our customers consistently attest to. Batteries reconditioned using our system have been put to the test under some extreme weather conditions (-60 deg C) and stand up extremely well. We warranty all our products and our customer care is second to none. If you are looking at a distribution opportunity, or just looking for an inexpensive battery alternative, make us your one-stop battery supplier and start noticing the difference

-Doug Kirillo, VP Sales Green Volt

Benefit from 30 years of business & accounting experience:

Accounting and finance are core business functions vital to a company's ability to navigate good and difficult periods - precisely why experience matters!

At Accounting Force we do more than just prepare and file. We compare your taxes year over year, find the things that changed, and optimize your tax situation for the best possible return. And once completed, we offer free expert advice to prepare for next year’s filing.

Our team takes great care and pride in what we do and provide exceptional customer care and service to our clients. We are large enough to get the job done, but small enough to work closely with our customers and make the most out of our relationship.

Our service includes: 1. Corporate tax preparation 2. Book-keeping services 3. Tax planning 4. Financial statements 5. GST preparation & remittance 6. Payroll preparation & remittance 7. Individual tax preparation 8. Financial planning 9. Business planning 10. Business start-up assistance 11.CRA Audit support 12. Corporate tax guidance 13. Retirement planning 14. Business succession planning

Looking for a reliable, proactive accountant in Edmonton, Calgary & surrounding areas?

Unhappy with your current accountant and want a change?

Outgrown your existing accountant or seeking a better deal? Call Mathew @ 780-756-6666 or visit us at: or send us an email:

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